Summer in the city

It’s been a while since I wrote here last time.

The year has started with new things in my life. It’s been hectic 3 months, so I couldn’t make myself write anything here. I want to write something good, but I need time for that.. Especially me, who likes to check everything twice or more.. I’m such a Virgo sometimes 🙂

Anyway, the first day of summer in Vancouver is around the corner! We have been lucky to have an amazing spring this year with lots of sunny days in May. April was good for a nice weather as well.
On the 6th of June it was 23 C degrees on Saturday. That day my friends and I officially opened the sunbathing season! Woot–woot! We tried ocean water with our feet, surprisingly it was warm. But we haven’t risked it to run into the water and to swim.. not yet.
The Kits beach was packed, people on the grass, people on the sand, people in the bushes.. they were everywhere. I will go to check another beach when it’s super sunny next time. Luckily we have quite a few here.


Summer in Vancouver is awesome. Weather is almost perfect, with just some rainy days.

Plenty of activities will make your summer in British Columbia unforgettable. You can choose from Hiking and Paddle-boarding to Mounting biking or Whale watching!

This is a season of Music and Art Festivals, Parades and Lots of other Fun street activities: Food cart Fest, Salsa dancing, Art walks and so on! I can’t wait to go to check some of them out.

“Why some?” you’d ask. Because.. I’m going to visit my Motherland! The place where my heart is – Republic Buryatia, Ulan-Ude. I’m going for a whole month of July. WooHoo!

And here in Vancouver, this gorgeous month of July is just packed with Summer Action. Don’t miss it out!

IMG_9136     IMG_9152

IMG_9145     IMG_9142

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22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014

I cant believe that 4 years have past already! so quick!

It’s time for the 22nd Olympic Games this Winter and they are in Sochi, Russia!

Have you watched the Olympics Opening ceremony? It’s amazing how spectacular and beautiful the performance was! 

Open ceremony (2) Open ceremony (1)

Open ceremony (3) Open ceremony (4)

Pictures are from Twitter: @molnia_sport.

Russian-speaking community in Vancouver was throwing a nice celebration to support the 22nd Olympic Games in Sochi. It was a concert of  local dancers and singers performing at Robson square. Even though it was very cold that day, a lot of people came to watch local Russian artistic talents, to sign along to familiar songs, to listen to familiar tunes.

DT (2)

Some people were in Russian Olympic jackets and toques, some with faces painted in three-colour and some holding national flags. But I’m sure all of them were happy and full of hopes for a Great Winter Games!

DT (4) DT (3)

The next day in the evening there was a dance party – “дискотека”. I really enjoyed my time there. Mostly because of the music, that was playing there. Hot old hits of pop Russian songs were playing, such as Руки вверх, Тату, Земфира in remix, also some very famous songs from 90’s in Russia. I couldn’t believe that I was dancing to those songs here in Vancouver! I could close my eyes and remember the time, sometimes even a place, when I heard this song for the first time. I felt like I’m a teenager again, back home dancing “на дискотеке”.

                   flag (4)      flag (3)

Awesome times! To create a mood and a good dancing energy, the music is so important!!

Back to Olympics in Sochi. It is just so exciting to see that it’s all happening in Russia, despite of all the talks around it. I’m so happy to hear Russian language on TV, how people cheer and support with our: “Молодец! Мо-ло-дец!!” or “Давай! Вперед!” It gives me goosebumps, simply “мурашки”. I just can’t explain it, it happens by itself. I feel proud, I feel connected and I miss.. miss something родное.. And I can’t find the equivalent, similar word in Engish to fully describe the meaning. Well, mainly probably because I haven’t been back to my Buryat home for 2 years already. Wow, time flies!

It’s now the 12th day of Olympics and I wish everybody amazing time watching it, fair games and let the strongest athletes win!

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Year of a Horse 2014

According to a Lunar calendar a year of a Horse is finally here.

Below it’s a little chart/horoscope of what to expect this year, so you better know what year you were born in. Was it a year of a Dragon or a Rabbit, etc.?


Lunar Calendar has come to it’s finish on the 31st of January. So New year’s eve we celebrated Chinese way, with tons of delicious food. Each meal represents something: prosperity, money, long life, good health.

фото 2

фото 1

Thank you, my dear Cecilia, for treating me to this amazing dinner and showing the way to celebrate New Year Chinese style. After the dinner, we had chocolate fortune cookies and each of us had good predictions for this coming year. So we decided to stop by lottery centre to buy lottery tickets, just to try our luck.

And all this astrology things were happening that night: start to a new moon, Venus stop retrograding, some other planet was up to moving different direction.. this is the time to try our Luck!

Back home in Republic Buryatia, Russia, we pray for a good year before the Lunar NYE. There are so many arrangements, customs to follow. Each year on NYE at 4 am there is a huge prayer at a local Buddhist Temple, the biggest Buddhist centre in Russia. So we make sure, we wake up at that time and send all the good thoughts into the Universe, attracting the goodness in our lives.

We build a little tower from cookies and candies, light a candle and incense. This is for gods and good spirits, we believe they come at night to taste our treats during the morning Prayer.

This year we decided to go early in the morning to the Buddhist Temple called Thrangu Monastery. It is in Richmond, nearby city. This Monastery is Tibetan Buddhist temple – the most similar to our temples back home, in Republic Buryatia.

Even if it is the same Tibetan temple, the traditions and the way of praying are different. We got there around 10 am and we did praying the same way we do it back home – гороо and other things. People in the temple were watching us, probably thinking: “what are they doing?!” After гороо one of the monks asked everybody to line up to receive the blessing from him – a nice box with a mantra inside!

That was different and unexpected, so we did line up to receive the sacred box. I think it’s a very good sign to the beginning of everything new this year..

фото 3

   фото 4    фото 5

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Old New Year

Today is 13of January – Old New Year’s Eve! This extra holiday is celebrated in Russia and in many east European countries.

фото 2 (1)

The tradition to celebrate Old New Year is associated with the divergence of the two calendars: Julian – calendar “old style” and Gregorian – calendar “new style”. This discrepancy is for 13 days, so the New Year is celebrated according to the old style in the night from 13th to 14th of January.

Because of this difference in calendars, we celebrate New Year Eve twice – according to the old and new style.

Almost all European countries have switched to the Gregorian calendar in the XVIII century. Russia switched to the new calendar in 1918.

On the night of 13th to 14th of January, everyone can celebrate more (in Russian we call it -“doprazdnovat”) this most favourite holiday. For many religious people Old New Year is of particular importance because now they can celebrate it as the advent is over.

Every year the popularity of the Old New Year is growing. More and more people refer to it as an independent holiday, which extends the charm of the New Year, or lets you at last feel the spirit of holiday for the first time. After all, this holiday is calmer, without any fuss, which is an inevitable accompaniment of the New Year.

In old times, even nowadays, The Old New Year is the great excuse for girls to get together and tell fortunes for the future. Popularly believed, that the great time to predict ones future is the period from Christmas on 7th of January till 19th of January. Firstly, because the calendars are shifting, New Year is coming and people start to think about what future holds for them. Secondly, during this period they say that good and evil spirits are most active and are likely to make a contact with people.

So enjoy this holiday east-European way and let your fortune-telling experience bring some good news!

Happy Old New Year!!

фото 1 (1)

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Hello, New Year 2014!

In Russia we believe the way you celebrate New Year’s Eve, that way the whole next year will be. It’s not literally that what you ended up doing on NYE will happen to you all year round. But your emotional state what is important.

Share this moment with your friends and family. Make yourself feel grateful for them in your life. So feel happy! Because You are the ONLY one who will make you feel that way! No one else can and it’s easy to feel otherwise.

We all look back to see what we have accomplished at the end of the passing year -make sure to think of the good times, nice people you’ve met, achieved goals, some new exciting experiences you’ve discovered. That for sure will set you in a right mood for celebrating New Year and for its good start, with new hopes and dreams, plans and goals, expectations of something magical!

Here is where we celebrated this NYE, at the Station with “Great Gatsby” theme for the party:

we had to print tickets, two full pages #hate wasting

we had to print tickets, two full pages
#hate wasting

5pm-5am free bus service  #welovevancouver

5pm-5am free bus service

I have celebrated New Year’s Eve three times within 16 hours:

  • with my relatives, my Mama and my Vasya through Skype at 7 am in the morning,

IMG_6796фото 1

  • then congratulated my roommate with NYE in UK over text messages in the afternoon
  • and finally celebrated NYE at “The Station” with friends in Vancouver.

P1100151 P1100146

Happy New 2014, the year of a Blue Wooden Horse! Happy New beginnings! xxo

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