Christmas Day

IMG_7577This year I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Downtown Vancouver for the first time.

Surprisingly there were so many people outside, walking around. Compared to Kitsilano neighbourhood, where it seems hardly anybody is going out on the Xmas day. The only place that is open early in the morning is Starbucks.

The coffee shop we went to was right next to English Bay Beach. The place was packed. So I had to take some pictures..

IMG_7589 IMG_7594

.. and a peppermint latte.

Everything  and everybody was calm and quiet outside. Fresh air at the beach, somebody was playing guitar.

We were sitting on the bench, enjoying our lattes, all of the sudden we saw a guy in a white bath robe crossing the street, going towards the beach. Confidently approaching the water, he took his white robe off. For a split second I thought that he is going to skinny dip. Oops, that’d be a wrong beach.

IMG_7597 IMG_7600

It wasn’t sunny, actually it was about to rain. The guy calmly walk in the water, stayed in there for couple seconds and then returned back on sand. Without putting the white robe on, he continued slowly walking towards wherever he came from, making people look at the results of his working out.

Isn’t polar bear swim  usually on the 1st of January around here? It’s not a New Year just Yet. In Russia we do that when the water gets holy during Orthodox Christmas at -30 outside, we call it “Christmas frost” – Крещенские морозы. But that’s another story.

Well, I hope the guy is not sick, because it must have been really cold in the water! But Thanks for random Xmas surprise! 🙂

Here is some more pictures from Christmas time:

The gorgeous tree is down 😦
this is historical moment for me.. the scenery from my balcony is changed forever..



choosing a tree
Little Xmas tree with raccoon instead of the star or angel..very Canadian, haha!
Little Xmas tree with raccoon instead of the star or angel..very Canadian, haha!


IMG_7631 IMG_7621          P1100108P1100100

My dear friends, Thank you for making holidays great! And I hope you had a fun and merry Christmas. xxo