Clothing swap-a-roo!

988356_10153456140175013_185701243_n“OMG! I have so many clothes in my closet!! And there is nothing to wear!” 

Have you had such a problem before?

Kristin Riley, Krista Lynn Roberts and Sonya Labrie have an amazing solution to this never-ending problem.

Hosting a bi-annual Clothes Swap Event, ladies give an opportunity to their friends to get rid of clothes they never wear and trade them in for new fabulous finds! Isn’t it just great?



All the ladies attended were bringing their clean clothes and sorting into the piles. Suggested items were: tops, pants, dresses, shoes, belts, hats, purses, hoodies, scarves, pj’s, workout gear, office clothes, etc.

Everything was so organized: there were tags for each clothes item, bedrooms were converted into changing rooms, and great funky music was playing throughout the evening. ShoesHats and socks IMG_7031IMG_7033

Some of the girls were saying: “It totally did feel like we were shopping!! Minus the after guilt of spending too much money on bags full of new clothes!!!”

Mulled wine
Mulled wine
Veggies and dips, chips, cheese. And Cakes!!
Veggies and dips, chips, cheese. And Cakes!!
Selecting process
Selecting process

That’s so true!

Yet it did feel like you at your friends’ house. Kristin and Krista did an awesome job hosting the Event and creating welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Tasty snacks and mulled wine made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

So, the principle is: first come, first can look at the clothes and choose something for themselves. 

Then, when everybody finished selecting clothes, the final promotion of each garment begins. I think this is the best part of the evening, when hostesses trying to get you to take garments in quirky, creative and absolutely hilarious way!

Clothes items that haven’t been picked up by anybody after three clothing swap events will be donated to the local thrift shop.

It looks like the house party went just great. All the ladies who attended were happy with their new finds and thanked the hostesses for a good time.

Now we are looking forward to the next one!


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