Halloween in Canada

P1090795Halloween in Canada is celebrated on 31st of October. This year it’s falling on Thursday.  So all the big parties will happen this weekend!

One of the major events, Halloween Social, will be held at Burrard Hotel, on Saturday, October 26th. The whole building is rented for the party, providing unforgettable spooky experience in each of 72 themed rooms of the Hotel.

It sounds like a really cool idea for an extraordinary event, a different way to party and together with your friends explore the haunted house, haunted Hotel. This great event has a great ticket price as well. So I guess, I like Halloween, but not that much. 🙂

The awesome idea of celebration according to the budget would be going to the Granville Street of Downtown Vancouver. Couple blocks on that street are usually closed for public transport, so people can mingle, check out and take pictures of amazing, fun, sometimes ridiculous, but awesome costumes!

Also the Granville Street has a dozen, if not more, of various nightclubs. The great thing is that some of the clubs has promoters, who distribute free tickets to their party. Get couple tickets to different locations, that way you can chose what kind of music and ambiance you prefer better.

Parade of Lost Souls is back to Commercial drive area this year. It’s a great way to start your spooky holiday, to slowly immerse yourself into atmosphere of silence with occasional growls, darkness and coldness. Besides of walking in the dark with ghouls, you can enjoy a small concert, art installations, hot chocolate and food at the final destination of the parade.


P1100102 - CopyWhen it comes to costumes, there is tons of room for your creativity and imagination to put an awesome costume together. Look for inspiration everywhere! Two years ago there were so many evil Black swans everywhere, last year a guy in a costume of an Angry bird was so adorable!
What will be the costume inspiration this year in Vancouver? Just have to wait a bit!

Granville Street Vancouver on Halloween 2012
Granville Street Vancouver on Halloween 2012
Halloween 2013
Commodore Ballroom Halloween 2013

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