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Summer in the city

It’s been a while since I wrote here last time. The year has started with new things in my life. It’s been hectic 3 months, so I couldn’t make myself write anything here. I want to write something good, but … Continue reading

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22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014

I cant believe that 4 years have past already! so quick! It’s time for the 22nd Olympic Games this Winter and they are in Sochi, Russia! Have you watched the Olympics Opening ceremony? It’s amazing how spectacular and beautiful the … Continue reading

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Year of a Horse 2014

According to a Lunar calendar a year of a Horse is finally here. Below it’s a little chart/horoscope of what to expect this year, so you better know what year you were born in. Was it a year of a … Continue reading

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Old New Year

Today is 13of January – Old New Year’s Eve! This extra holiday is celebrated in Russia and in many east European countries. The tradition to celebrate Old New Year is associated with the divergence of the two calendars: Julian – … Continue reading

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Hello, New Year 2014!

In Russia we believe the way you celebrate New Year’s Eve, that way the whole next year will be. It’s not literally that what you ended up doing on NYE will happen to you all year round. But your emotional … Continue reading

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