Hello! I’m Maria. I would like to introduce you to the blog!!IMG_6204

Vancouver Insider is a blog about living in Vancouver through the life stories of my friends and mine.

I’m a recent immigrant from Russia, though I have been in Canada almost 5 years already.

My friend Lyndsey is a visitor from the UK with an open work permit. It’s her second time coming to Canada and this time she is determined to get a permanent residency.

My friend Kozue is from Japan. She has got her second open work permit just couple weeks ago! We are all so happy for her!

Later in the blog I’ll introduce you to my other friends and simply great people I’ve met along the way.

So I was thinking of creating a blog that would be a help to visitors, newcomers to Canada for couple years now. The blog that will provide valuable information about the country of Maple trees, particularly about living in Vancouver, British Columbia. The blog where we can talk about any aspect of immigration, settling in, working, studying and enjoying life.

I always thought of how great it would be to share our immigration stories, to help with advice to people, to those young travellers, in the same situation like ours, to make the dreams come true. Whatever the dreams are: from just visiting and exploring the new country, to trying to stay – work or study and even change your life and immigrate.


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