Year of a Horse 2014

According to a Lunar calendar a year of a Horse is finally here.

Below it’s a little chart/horoscope of what to expect this year, so you better know what year you were born in. Was it a year of a Dragon or a Rabbit, etc.?


Lunar Calendar has come to it’s finish on the 31st of January. So New year’s eve we celebrated Chinese way, with tons of delicious food. Each meal represents something: prosperity, money, long life, good health.

фото 2

фото 1

Thank you, my dear Cecilia, for treating me to this amazing dinner and showing the way to celebrate New Year Chinese style. After the dinner, we had chocolate fortune cookies and each of us had good predictions for this coming year. So we decided to stop by lottery centre to buy lottery tickets, just to try our luck.

And all this astrology things were happening that night: start to a new moon, Venus stop retrograding, some other planet was up to moving different direction.. this is the time to try our Luck!

Back home in Republic Buryatia, Russia, we pray for a good year before the Lunar NYE. There are so many arrangements, customs to follow. Each year on NYE at 4 am there is a huge prayer at a local Buddhist Temple, the biggest Buddhist centre in Russia. So we make sure, we wake up at that time and send all the good thoughts into the Universe, attracting the goodness in our lives.

We build a little tower from cookies and candies, light a candle and incense. This is for gods and good spirits, we believe they come at night to taste our treats during the morning Prayer.

This year we decided to go early in the morning to the Buddhist Temple called Thrangu Monastery. It is in Richmond, nearby city. This Monastery is Tibetan Buddhist temple – the most similar to our temples back home, in Republic Buryatia.

Even if it is the same Tibetan temple, the traditions and the way of praying are different. We got there around 10 am and we did praying the same way we do it back home – гороо and other things. People in the temple were watching us, probably thinking: “what are they doing?!” After гороо one of the monks asked everybody to line up to receive the blessing from him – a nice box with a mantra inside!

That was different and unexpected, so we did line up to receive the sacred box. I think it’s a very good sign to the beginning of everything new this year..

фото 3

   фото 4    фото 5


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