22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014

I cant believe that 4 years have past already! so quick!

It’s time for the 22nd Olympic Games this Winter and they are in Sochi, Russia!

Have you watched the Olympics Opening ceremony? It’s amazing how spectacular and beautiful the performance was! 

Open ceremony (2) Open ceremony (1)

Open ceremony (3) Open ceremony (4)

Pictures are from Twitter: @molnia_sport.

Russian-speaking community in Vancouver was throwing a nice celebration to support the 22nd Olympic Games in Sochi. It was a concert of  local dancers and singers performing at Robson square. Even though it was very cold that day, a lot of people came to watch local Russian artistic talents, to sign along to familiar songs, to listen to familiar tunes.

DT (2)

Some people were in Russian Olympic jackets and toques, some with faces painted in three-colour and some holding national flags. But I’m sure all of them were happy and full of hopes for a Great Winter Games!

DT (4) DT (3)

The next day in the evening there was a dance party – “дискотека”. I really enjoyed my time there. Mostly because of the music, that was playing there. Hot old hits of pop Russian songs were playing, such as Руки вверх, Тату, Земфира in remix, also some very famous songs from 90’s in Russia. I couldn’t believe that I was dancing to those songs here in Vancouver! I could close my eyes and remember the time, sometimes even a place, when I heard this song for the first time. I felt like I’m a teenager again, back home dancing “на дискотеке”.

                   flag (4)      flag (3)

Awesome times! To create a mood and a good dancing energy, the music is so important!!

Back to Olympics in Sochi. It is just so exciting to see that it’s all happening in Russia, despite of all the talks around it. I’m so happy to hear Russian language on TV, how people cheer and support with our: “Молодец! Мо-ло-дец!!” or “Давай! Вперед!” It gives me goosebumps, simply “мурашки”. I just can’t explain it, it happens by itself. I feel proud, I feel connected and I miss.. miss something родное.. And I can’t find the equivalent, similar word in Engish to fully describe the meaning. Well, mainly probably because I haven’t been back to my Buryat home for 2 years already. Wow, time flies!

It’s now the 12th day of Olympics and I wish everybody amazing time watching it, fair games and let the strongest athletes win!