Old New Year

Today is 13of January – Old New Year’s Eve! This extra holiday is celebrated in Russia and in many east European countries.

The tradition to celebrate Old New Year is associated with the divergence of the two calendars: Julian – calendar “old style” and Gregorian – calendar “new style”. This discrepancy is for 13 days, so the New Year is celebrated according to the old style in the night from 13th to 14th of January.

Because of this difference in calendars, we celebrate New Year Eve twice – according to the old and new style.

Almost all European countries have switched to the Gregorian calendar in the XVIII century. Russia switched to the new calendar in 1918.

On the night of 13th to 14th of January, everyone can celebrate more (in Russian we call it -“doprazdnovat”) this most favourite holiday. For many religious people Old New Year is of particular importance because now they can celebrate it as the advent is over.

Every year the popularity of the Old New Year is growing. More and more people refer to it as an independent holiday, which extends the charm of the New Year, or lets you at last feel the spirit of holiday for the first time. After all, this holiday is calmer, without any fuss, which is an inevitable accompaniment of the New Year.

In old times, even nowadays, The Old New Year is the great excuse for girls to get together and tell fortunes for the future. Popularly believed, that the great time to predict ones future is the period from Christmas on 7th of January till 19th of January. Firstly, because the calendars are shifting, New Year is coming and people start to think about what future holds for them. Secondly, during this period they say that good and evil spirits are most active and are likely to make a contact with people.

So enjoy this holiday east-European way and let your fortune-telling experience bring some good news!

Happy Old New Year!!

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