White Water Rafting

I always have been in love with exploring my surroundings. Discovering new amazing places to meet with friends, spots to camp, or simply to have a walk and enjoy beautiful nature around. But the best exploring trip I’ve ever had was moving to a new country; a country that offers activities for each time of the year. So I’m in exploring heaven, which is endless here in Canada!

I have so many stories to tell of my time in British Columbia and exciting outdoor activities that I’ve tried, but I’ve decided to write about an extreme outdoor activity I’ve recently experienced – White Water Rafting in Whistler.

To me, extreme outdoor activities give the adrenalin rush that goes through your body and stops you from thinking of anything else, but about the moment you are IN!! That’s just so amazing and breathtaking! Because you have absolutely no idea what it is going to feel like until it happens. But the most important thing is that you know the experience you are about to have is extreme, but safe! Such kinds of activities are less dangerous because of the high level of professionalism & training in Canada.

Exploring the world around you, challenging yourself and trying new things every day, and being excited about it!!  That’s what I love! It’s also a great way to meet new interesting people, to make friends and have fun creating new memories.

Sometimes, however, we are in a state of mind where we are afraid to leave our comfort zone and try different things. And just a thought of throwing yourself into the unknown can be frightening.  But for me, that kind of a new experience make a person stronger, more interesting to other people. It gives an excitement that charges everything around that person!


So my friends and I gave water rafting a try this year. Wedge Rafting offers this experience just ten minutes away from Whistler Village. Starting at the gorgeous Green Lake and following the Green River, the body of water is so emerald and vast, surrounded by trees and mountains, with the sun is high in the sky – it was a perfect day for rafting.

 Wedge Rafting offers different packages, from short two hours trips to four or eight hour packages for experienced rafters. If you are trying it for the first time, I would recommend a two hour trip. That way you would know what to expect and find out if you like it or not.

My friends and I decided on the two hour trip. At the beginning we didn’t know what to expect, but we decided to stay together and if one of us fell overboard we would jump after. That was an agreement, but we all prayed that it would never happen.

The Wedge instructors are all well trained; they are relaxed and very chatty, look so fit and ready to rescue anyone if necessary! It was already their second trip that day, when it was our turn. At noon everybody, who chose Water rafting, gathered around the terrace to get an instructions, forming a fairy large group of 25 of us.



We all really enjoyed our time on the Green river, rafting around the beautiful Whistler area. But the time passed very quickly, as fun times always seems to do. So next time it’s going to be a longer trip for sure.


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